We are Team Embassy

When Elvir and Igor thought about what they could offer outside the framework of our Bistro Ambient, they’ve come up with an idea. They have been catering for number of years, but also have very special skills. They were both specially trained to cook, serve and host Diplomatic events and Formal parties.

That is how Embassy Catering business idea was born.


A unique catering service that can provide a superior gastronomic service for a carefully selected, demanding clientele. A services that needs sophisticated, top quality food preperation and drink selection and service perfection.






General Assistant



Head Waiter

Due to  impressive amount of knowledge, experience and education in the service industry, as well as knowledge of protocol, they decided to invite Simon to the team. Thus  trio forms the core of Embassy Catering. No one can offer such a very wide range of services. Transforming your home, your office, residence or even Embassy or Consulate into a highest class restaurant.


Embassy Catering is located in Ljubljana.  Services are also available in Croatia (Zagreb) and Austria (Vienna), due to the close proximity to Ljubljana.

Years of Experience

No one can offer such a very wide range of services where you feel the most comfortable, at home, in your office, your residence, embassy or consulate.

Amazing Team

All team members have extensive experience with professional preparation of protocol banquets and events, made available to you and your guests.

Embassy catering

Premium Ingredients

Food is are only top quality. Local, sesonal and premium ingredients are the core fundations of Embassy service.

Where we create

All food is being prepared on your premaces or in our profesional kitchen in Bistro Ambient. The restaurant is located in city center of Ljubljana.

The pleasant atmosphere in the modern and bright restaurant is complemented by a wide selection of fresh and healthy meals. Home-made soups, omelettes and salad plates, as well as a wide variety of meat specialties are daily on the menu.



At Ambient not a single food is being defrosted, heat up or made from the bag. This is why customers are returning on a daily frequency.

Let the sunlight, wonderful flavours and tempting scents wash over you in a truly wonderful ambiance.

In addition to a pleasant chat over coffee, lunch during workdays or business lunches, we also accept reservations for groups, birthdays, small weddings or business meetings.

Bistro Ambient

1700 d.o.o.
Čufarjeva ulica 5
1000 Ljubljana

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