Embassy catering hot and cold buffet

Embassy catering hot and cold buffet

We served a lovely hot and cold buffet for our customer.

Our goal was to create a unique catering with fresh and tasty hot and cold buffet for eighty guests.

Teja, Alen and Simon set up a wonderful ambient. They choose white tablecloths and flower arrangements. Because of years of experience we have in catering buffets, this was just another lovely challenge for Embassy Team.

Preparing of the buffet dinning room

Elvir and Simon took care off  buffet at large dining table. Therefore tables were neatly organized and buffet visually appealing. 

Alen and Teja welcomed the guests with sparkling wine. We also served red and white vines, lemonade and fresh squeezed juices.

With freshness in mind

We know how important freshness for buffet is. That is why we created a selection off dishes especially for them. Dishes that we finished on site and just before the start off buffet. Besides that, the guests were on arrival welcomed with amazing finger food selection.

After the ceremony the buffet table opened. Guests could choose between cold and warm dishes. We baked homemade bread and arranged fresh vegetables.

See the pictures

You can take a look at some of the dishes below.

We wanted to create something special. With that in mind we served beef carpccio with truffles, tuna prosciutto, cheese Planika from Kobarid.  Our food brought smiles to guests faces. 

Because we cherish every event we have the opportunity to work on, we would like to thank our customers for giving us the chance. 

We believe we created another unforgettable event.  


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