Luxury place Embassy terrace apartment Ljubljana

Embassy terrace apartment Ljubljana

We offer luxury stay at our apartment in Ljubljana to guests visiting Slovenia.

Our goal was to create a unique hosting experience and indulge our guests, who want something more during their stay in Ljubljana.

Wonderful ambient was set in this Ljubljana apartment. We choose only the best Slovenian handy craftsmen. Because of years of traveling and service we offer, this apartment was another lovely challenge for Embassy Catering Team.

Facilities of our penthouse property

At Embassy terrace apartment Ljubljana we took care off all guests demand. There is sauna and open air bath on the wooden terrace with amazing views .

Fully equipped kitchen, washer-dryer, two private parking spaces. With on off them with an EV charger for guests with electric cars. All neatly organized and visually appealing. 

The biggest welcome for our guests is good energy and spectacular views. Apartment it self offers views off Alps and Slovenian symbol Triglav. While the terrace lets you enjoy the sun and fresh air in stunning scenery.

With all amenities in mind

We know how important amenities are for great stay. That is why we created a place beyond luxury. Only thing our guests need to bring is toothbrush and toothpaste.

From fresh linens, towels and slippers to bathrobes, this Ljubljana apartment has it all. Besides that, the guests are welcomed with amazing Slovenian food and drinks selection.

After welcome guests can also try Slovenian vine and sparkling vine. To choose there is always fresh fruit. We offer delivery service or we take care off all allergy and food needs.

See the terrace and apartment pictures

You can take a look at our beautiful Ljubljana apartment below.

As we wanted to create something special, guests are offered airport pick ups and drop offs. With great Slovenian experience in mind, we also offer tailored trips around our beautiful cuntry. They bring smiles to our guests and travelers faces. 

Because we cherish all guests sleeping at our apartment. We would like to thank them all for giving us the chance off taking care their needs in Ljubljana. 

We believe we created yet another Embassy experience. A truly luxury apartment in Ljubljana and Slovenia.


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