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Caterings in Ljubljana business district

November 18, 2018

For years now we serve small caterings in Ljubljana business district near to our Bistro Ambient.

Our goal was to create fast , healthy but cheap catering experience for business meetings close to our Bistro Ambient.

As our headquarters Bistro Ambient lies in the heart of Ljubljana district on Čufarjeva street 5, we are able to cover this area with great catering options for all companies and businesses. We can deliver cold and even hot buffets straight out of our lovely kitchen.

Turning a business office into cold buffet table
We can quickly turn any office space into a buffet covered table; everything is done quickly so we do not disturb the work progress. Of course, we clean up everything after the event and leave the space as we got it.

See the pictures
You can take a look at some of the dishes below.

We want to offer complete meals, but bite sized. With that in mind we always accompany our lovely sandwiches with fresh fruit, tasty salad, and creamy panna cotta. It brings smiles to our guests’ faces.

Because we cherish every event we have the opportunity to work on, we would like to thank A Banka d.d. and Kompas d.d. for the opportunity to work for them.

We believe we created another unforgettable event.


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