Embassy catering

Embassy Catering at the Embassy of Latvia

March 13, 2015

Catering at the Latvian Embassy where we created diplomatic service.

Embassy Catering cooked up an unforgettable formal lunch for H. E. Mr Bahtijors Hasans, the Latvian Ambassador, and twelve other distinguished diplomatic guests, including the Slovenian Ambassador and permanent representative at international organizations in Vienna, H. E. Mrs Blanka Jamnišek.

We ensured a suitable dining room setup and prepared the dishes in a small, yet convenient kitchen. We served our esteemed guests a meal consisting of lightly toasted tuna with black sesame and tangerine sauce, creamy spinach soup with fresh ricotta and olive oil, duck breast with red wine and dry plums, and cheese “štrukelj”, a traditional Slovenian pastry. For dessert, we served a raspberry roll with pistachios. In order to ensure a perfect Embassy Catering experience, Igor and Simon welcomed the guests with an aperitif. Later they selected three wonderful wines to go along with the dishes.

Our sincere thanks to all the guests and the hosts! The Embassy Catering team


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